August Luncheon 2015

Nevada Solar Nexus Program

“Started June 1, 2013, the Solar Nexus Project (for short) is a multifaceted five-year research project focusing on the nexus (or linkage between) solar energy generation and Nevada’s limited water resources and fragile environment”

Presented by:
Dr. Mary Cablk – Associate Professor – Desert Research Institute

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April Luncheon 2015

V&T Reconstruction Project

april-luncheon-2015Rebuilding the most famous short line railroad ever operated. “Of all the short line railways on the American frontier, none created more wealth for its immediate owners or evoked more reverence and nostalgia than the Virginia & Truckee Railroad. The steam locomotive trailed by bright yellow coaches crossing the sagebrush flats of Nevada was a sight difficult to forget.”

Presented by:
Gary C. Luce, P.E. – Geologist/ Geotechnical Engineer – Resource Concepts

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March Luncheon 2015

Sub Surface Pipe Drainage Systems – Intro to Multi-Flow

Multi-Flow“For over 20 years Varicore Technologies has been solving the worlds drainage problems with a unique pipe drainage system called Multi-Flow. With over 35 million feet of product installed world-wide, Multi-Flow can be found on Sports Stadiums, Wastewater Lagoons, Landfills, Airports, Roadways, Green roofs or wherever water management is necessary. For more information please visit:

Presented by:
Peter Juszczyk – Business Development Manager

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